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    Prepare your classes in no time!

    MOTION SYSTEM guides you in the preparation of your freestyle classes to enhance them and make them more innovative. By combining the advice and inspirations from our 37 international coaches, you can adapt your fitness freestyle teaching to suit the level of your clients and give them no-risk, efficient sessions.


    Want to create awesome choreographies? Easy!

    With MOTION SYSTEM, you benefit from day-to-day help. You will learn how to construct an efficient, quality session because it’s by learning from the best that you will become better. Maximise your chances!



    Become a 2.0 trainer!

    MOTION SYSTEM is a true working tool that will help illustrate in an efficient way the theoretical concepts addressed in the classroom. Used as an exercise book, it will bring interactivity and clarity to your teaching.


What you see is a coach in full professional training mode.

Developing his movement repertoire; refining his teaching methodology; creating no-risk, efficient classes; creating innovative choreographies; ensuring his clients benefit from a complete training programme; improving his technique; adapting his teaching; adopting new concepts [...]

At the same time, it’s easy with the right tool!

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« I would like to thank you for this website which is so inspiring for my job. I have one child and work quite a few hours; we’re asked to be versatile in our classes […]. At times, I have no inspiration, I lack technique as our “bpjeps” training is only basic. Once you start teaching, you find that the level of your clients is quite high and if you have little time to practice and train, you can stagnate. Thank you for these classes that have revolutionized my teaching; they offer great value at a reasonable price as employers frequently can’t finance training for their coaches. » Anne Sophie B.- Coach
« Un réel pas en avant pour le freestyle! Contenu fourni, explications claires, ergonomie ! Enfin un vrai outil pour les profs désireux de progresser et d’améliorer leurs cours. Je le conseille largement. » Vinvent P. - Coach
« MOTION SYSTEM me permet d’illustrer les différentes méthodes pédagogiques vues en cours, avec une autre approche que la mienne. Avoir plusieurs intervenants permets d’avoir plusieurs point de vue sur le même sujet. Les élèves peuvent ainsi comparer mes cours et ceux de MS afin de pouvoir créer leur personnalité en cours. Ils peuvent aussi s’identifier plus facilement à plusieurs profs. Il m’est aussi plus simple de montrer aux élèves qu’avec une meme pédagogie de base il existe 1001 façon de donner son cours, en adaptant en fonction du public.
Le site est toujours disponible ils peuvent donc revoir plus tard des séquences qu’ils n’ont pas eu le temps de comprendre.
En fait, j’utilise MS pour rester au top de la pédagogie des meilleurs profs internationaux! Pierre L. - Formateur

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  • Subscribing to MOTION SYSTEM doesn’t mean binding yourself for life, but simply buying access for the duration of your choice, no more no less! At the end of that period, your subscription comes to an end and access to the videos automatically stops. No need to unsubscribe!

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