About us

I have worked in the world of fitness since 2003, I have been lucky enough to work in various structures in more than 30 countries : clubs, training schools, associations, videos, conventions…

Being a fitness teacher is a very pleasant job as it means being able to do what one loves passionately, to exercise every day, to meet many people, to help participants make progress, stay fit and healthy. 

However, it is  also a very difficult job. We must be versatile, efficient, and well-trained. We have to commit ourselves physically to our activities and we have to train constantly on the latest training programs and the latest class techniques, and follow their changes and development over time.  

Through my experience and discussions with you, I have realised that we all have the same needs and the same limits and obligations.  We want to maintain our credibility in our work and keep up with the newest trends, but we may not have the time and the means to go for a training session every week-end. 

MOTION SYSTEM is the best tool for you. At any time the best and most highly skilled teachers will be available to provide the help you may need. 

Your subscription will give you access to all your training classes from your home, your workplace, everywhere. 

You can choose either to copy the classes the trainers show you on the videos, or simply use some of the ideas you see to develop and enrich your classes. 

You can build your own training program at your own pace. 

If you seek a source of inspiration and a resource for answering many of your questions, MOTION SYSTEM is for you.